Where's the new stuff?

Quick update here, because I now realize that things look very... un-updated. 

Things are here, they're just hidden and not visible to the public.  You may have noticed the entire Hat in Time Gallery on the main page is gone as well. That's because of content within not being officially debuted. I don't have time to go through it piece-by-piece right now, so I just pulled it all down for the moment. It's here on the site for me to view, and I'll get to showing it all later after the game has done more reveals and trailers and stuff. 

Sorry that the site has been pretty barren and remains unfinished in places. 

Varying Photoshop linework

I'm working on some new 2D pictures in Photoshop, and I'm trying to do new things with it and address weaknesses I've had in the past. One thing that always bugged me was doing linework in Photoshop. Beginning to use the Line Tool was a huge step here, but I'm still not happy since I've not been varying line width like you would in a better piece. So how can I very the width from the Line Tool? I've looked it up and found a way! The Maximum and Minimum Tools in the filter drop-down; that's how! 

Working on this piece at the moment; don't know when I'll be done with it. But I definitely wanted to put this reminder here for me in the future. Gotta keep building up these skills! 

New Art!

Here's a portrait made from the Model Sheet I made for a character known as the Cat Chef. Or Cat Cook, whatevers. They're a very minor character who only showed up in Concept art, so I model sheet'd it and modeled it, etc. But when I was done, I modified a portion of it and painted it to get this:

And also as a handy-dandy Avatar: 

I do just want to remind myself of the current process. Took the sketch, threw all the base colors onto one layer over it (Multiply), then did a "Lighting" layer where I scribbled shadow and light patterns onto it where they should fall. I then opened up Darkness and Lightness layers in the PSD and added them in with new shades of paint, using the Smudge Brush to blend tones. Finally, I did the outlines, and made sure to do them in different layers so I could go in and use the Burn/Dodge Tool to adjust the darkness/lightness of each set of outlines. 

New Model!

So here's a new character. The concept art calls 'em, "CatKid" and that's what I'm going to go with! These little guys are about the same size as Hat Kid, and are fierce little punks who antagonize you like most enemies. But these can follow you all over the place! Including on tightropes/phone lines... that sort of thing. This pose is taken from the "Tightrope balancing" animation, actually :) 


New Year's Resolutions!

Quickie post this time! It's 2015, and I'm laying down some laws right here: 

No.1 - need more sculpts and 2D stuff. So i'm going to try and do one (of each) a week. Hopefully I'll have stuff worth putting up here too. Digging into tutorials now to catch up on Zbrush tech and getting back into the swing of drawing on a tablet (got a nice, new, MUCH BIGGER one from Monoprice.com this year!), so still a little too early. But really wanna start this up asap. Going to my Photobucket first, then once I start getting good, I'll throw it in my Gallery. Which brings me to...

No.2 - Gonna finish my MISC. Gallery. Or populate it, at least. I don't know if it'll be finished ever. But I gotta get it up, man. Got stuff to show, y'know? The site feels unfinished without it...

No.3 - Finishing the site! Still missing some stuff, still have an unfinished Resume section, etc. Gotta polish that up, get a new pic on the ABOUT section, and populate some of that stuff in the Gallery. I need it as soon as possible because I need to make sure this is good to go as far as...

No.4 - Getting a job this year! ABSOLUTELY NEED TO ACCOMPLISH THIS! Free-lancing ain't for me. It's given me a heckuva portfolio and tons of experience, but I need a job and a place and a paycheck and an apartment and all that jazz. This should be the last year of my recovery from my kidney transplant (gotta get my weird arm vein thing reversed this year), so it should be my FIRST year back in a job capacity. Where to? I don't know. But I need to get that job now. And put this website through it's paces! 


So I'm putting them all down here as a declaration. Can't hide from 'em. Gonna need to face 'em every time I visit my own site ;) So that's what's up with me in 2015. At least, that's what I want. Laying down the law here :D 

Best Videos of 2014, according to IMVDb.com!

Do I know how to pick 'em or what? 

Only worked on two music videos. ONE of them is one of the Top 50 BEST Music Videos of 2014 though! So yeah; that's a pretty good percentage of greatness there ;) 

BadBOXES' "The Mystery" is the vid in question, and it lands at 25(?). It's hard to count; you can see the whole playlist here - just scroll to the middle: 


Cannon model

New model, cuz I am loving that Sketchfab and need more stuff to show off with it while I work on/hunt down my non-Hat in Time models. Here, though, is another HiT model, 'cuz it looks so good :D

Controls: Left click: Rotate, Right Click: Pan, Mouse Wheel: Zoom



I'm testing something here. I wanna see if I can dump Sketchfab embeds here. Sketchfab is a site that lets you view 3D models on any PC quickly and efficiently, without any 3D modeling/viewing program. 

Talking to myself now: Okay, I can't just dump that embed code here. How do I this? 

Okay, here's what to do. (Specific to Squarespace) First off, notice on the left there are those lines with the circles? Click that and select an Embed to add to the page. You can't just dump it in that field though - click the gear icon within the field to add the custom Embed code. NOT the direct link. Watch that! 


Star Fox - Event Horizon

Today, I went looking for a trailer for Star Fox: Shadows of Lylat on Youtube. Time to embed some videos into my galleries. Haven't really thought of this project in awhile, save for when I had to grab my old models and render them out for this site. This was cool :) 

On Youtube, I saw a few videos for something called "Star Fox: Event Horizon" on the 'Recommended Videos' sidebar when looking at the SOL trailer. I checked 'em out, and this was the description:

"Gameplay of Starfox: Event Horizon, an attempt to continue the work of the cancelled Shadows of Lylat."

I know the assets were released to the internet back in 2011 or something, but I honestly never expected anyone to use them for anything. Maybe a few goofy Garry's Mod vids or something, but nothing of substance. So seeing this new project continuing on the work from what I was part of years ago, and seeing some of these vehicles I worked on in action again? This is a weird, but awesome, feeling. 

Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1laSyE6q6U